Building Intentional Cultures

Inspiring Performance

What is a company's culture?

Your company's culture is how you choose to show up in the workplace.

It is shaped by your strategy, mission, values, goals, beliefs, and more.

Your culture can impact every aspect of your business.

The question is, are you intentionally building your company culture or letting it happen? 

In the U.S., 51% of employees report not being engaged, meaning they neither like nor dislike their job. (Gallup)

Only 12% of executives believe their companies are driving the ‘right culture’. (Deloitte)

38% of workers want to leave their jobs due to a toxic work culture or one where they don’t feel they fit in. (Randstad)

When is it time to take a closer look at your company's culture?

If you are experiencing:

  • Low performance

  • Disengaged team members

  • High turnover

  • Inability to attract top talent

  • Low customer satisfaction

  • High stress work environment

Building Your Culture

There is an abundance of information available on what an effective culture looks like, but it is not a one size fits all situation. Your organization is unique and needs solutions that are relevant to your team and business. The process amberland uses to build your culture includes these key steps:

Identify how you want to show-up

Assess where you are at today

Create the Road Map to get you there

Every business is in a different place in their culture building journey. To best serve your needs, amberland provides a range of services to help you build your culture.

Consulting & Development

Cohort Program

Work Sessions

Startup Mentoring


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