About Amber Johnson


I do what I do because I want people to succeed in the workplace, it is that simple for me. Connected to that is the principle that a business can’t succeed if individuals are unable to succeed. I have been a human performance consultant for over 30 years.  In that time, many requests came to me in the form of fixing a problem and more communication or training was seen as the fix. But when I dug into things there often was a cultural influence that was contributing to the situation. I believe a company’s culture is the foundation of their performance and that is why I created amberland, to help businesses intentionally create their unique company culture that will inspire both business and individual success. Culture is too important to left to chance.

My Journey to amberland

The majority of my career was spent at Starbucks Coffee Company leading training, process, communications, and change management strategies in the Global Store Development business unit. I often thought staying at one company for so long would hurt my career by providing a limited view of business. Looking back at it I realized it gave me an unusual perspective not all consultants share.  Within one organization I experienced the building of brand, insane growth, a recession, refreshing the brand, cautious growth and innovation.  I experienced these both as an employee and through the eyes of the teams I served. This is where I learned the impact culture has on business and individual success. Even though at times the business felt like a roller coaster ride, the values and culture always anchored and guided our actions.


After some consulting projects and volunteering, I landed at a private equity company that owned a collection of cannabis brands.  Working remotely from Boise I built the Learning and Development function across all brands. Even though it was a different industry and a startup environment, I was admittedly surprised at the similarities of needs and the influence company culture had on performance. The message was loud and clear, big or small company culture impacts performance. 


Next, I immersed myself in the Boise business scene and launched amberland.  After attending several networking events where I lengthily explained what I do and saw a lot of blank exhausted faces, I realized I needed to find my niche. It finally hit me, I am a systems thinker and a company’s culture is the ultimate system. That is was what my business needed to focus on!

Business Name

Why amberland?  The truth is it makes me laugh and I think I am funny. If there was an amberland, it would be a place where everyone was happy and felt valued at work. 

Other Things About Me

I was raised in Boise, from toddler to Boise State graduate. As a young adult I was itching to get out of Boise and pushed my husband to move back to his hometown. After 19 years in the Seattle area we decided to move back home to be closer to my family. We have been back in the Treasure Valley since 2016, our kid is off to college, and our home crew is 2 cats and 2 dogs.


When not enjoying work,  I am participating in a human powered outdoor activities.  Even though I am not particularly skilled at any of them, I do enjoy the challenge of trying a new skill and acquiring new gear. 

Thank you for learning more about me and how I arrived at amberland. If you would like a see my professional journey in resume format, check-out my LinkedIn profile.