My consulting and development services dig deep into what is happening in your organization to understand how your company operates, what your team believes, and the norms your follow. This in-depth approach will provide the information and perspective needed to identify and develop solutions that are relevant to your company.


First things first, you can’t be intentional about your culture if you don’t do the work to decide what you want.  In this phase we will dig deep to define how you want to show up by identifying your desired culture and the behaviors that support it. 



To be intentional you must check how you are doing today compared to where you want to be. The culture assessment will identify your team’s perception of your current culture and how it is demonstrated in your business activities. Once the data has been assessed, we will compare it with your desired culture state to identify gaps. 

Road Map 

To make your desired culture come to life in your organization, the following are key mechanism that are a foundation to the development and sustainment of your culture.

On-boarding Experience

Notice I used the word experience not process, not training.  First impressions matter and this is where you help your new team members understand the importance of your culture and associated behaviors. Most importantly, a strong on-boarding experience validates your new team member's decision to join your team and leads to longer retention.  


Internal Communication Strategies, Norms and Tools

Trusted and consistent communication practices are key to living your desired culture.  This is not about e-mail best practices.  It is about  your mission, values, and culture influencing what you communicate about, the frequency and the methods you use.  It is creating relevant and inclusive strategies to:

  • Talk about business performance, both success and failures

  • Keeping mission, values, and culture at the surface 

  • Empowering your team's voice and knowledge 


Talent Development

A strong culture is a learning culture.  It is ensuring your leaders and team have the skills for today's business, while preparing them for what is ahead.  This is achieved by developing strategies and solutions that:

  • Allow your team members to lead their own development 

  • Includes opportunities that encompass both functional and soft skills development

  • Are anchored in your company's performance goals

  • Keep mission, values, and culture at the surface


Change Management

Change is a normal part of business. A change in product, leadership, team structure, and tools are all things your company may experience. Because its inevitable, having a repeatable change management framework that is anchored to your culture will develop your team's resilience and agility when change happens.  The framework should include how:

  • Leadership and the team's participate in change

  • Success is qualified and measured

  • To assess the change's impact on the team

  • Trusted engagement, communication, and training mechanisms are utilized

  • Sustainment of the change is defined and supported

Consulting & Development