How intentional is your culture?

Ask yourself the following questions to check.

  1. How does your culture play a role in your recruiting and selection process?

  2. How does your new hire on-boarding process help people understand your culture and why it is important?  How do you know it works?

  3. How do current team members demonstrate they understand your values and culture:

    • In their daily business activities?

    • In representing the brand?

    • In your customer interactions?

  4. How does leadership model and keep alive your company’s values and culture?

  5. How do your communication methods foster your values and culture? 

  6. How do you align values and culture as part of your performance and development conversations? 

  7. How often do you openly talk about and evaluate your values and culture in relation to strategy, brand and business performance? 

An unclear or unfavorable answer to any of these questions indicates an opportunity to be more intentional on how your culture impacts your business. 

Culture Quiz